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SNOW  flurries today. Not that unusual for SE Pennsylvania in early April, but unexpected this year, with the very warm winter we've had.

And yet again, I am having video editing problems. The first rough cut of my music video is about half done (yay!) and I find that the Studio software hangs when it tries to output to Win Media or RealVideo files. Aaaarrrggghhh. Pinnacle makes good hardware, but crappy, crappy software. This product has been released for six months (and its immediate predecessor was out for years) , and they're still churning out flaky betas of the software. I'm beginning to reach the hair-pulling-out stage. The next step up is large, though (Adobe Premier, or maybe a new capture board), and I'm hesitant to take it, just for a hobby that I'm not entirely sure I'm going to pursue seriously.

Meanwhile, my house reeks of cat piss. Do you have any idea how pungent cat piss can be? My cats just came back from their yearly visit with the vet. The younger one, Tagalong, is fine, but the older cat, Slithy Tove, has kidneys that are the worse for wear. He's a male, and my vet says that one in four male cats will have kidney problems that ultimately prove to be fatal. He had a severe problem with stones a few years ago, but survived it, and the next year his kidney functions were fine. But the year after, they were a little worse, and this year they were a little worse yet. Not to kidney failure, yet, but edging in that direction. And he was a little anemic, which also goes along with kidney disease. So, he's going on multivitamins. Won't hurt him, but it's not really a cure. He'll be going back to the vet for further blood testing in a couple of months.

This is sad. I love that damned cat. It's not curtains yet, but I suspect he won't last more than a couple more years. Slithy was a laboratory cat at one time. Anesthetized kittens are used to teach airway skills to young doctors (e.g., how to put a breathing tube down the windpipe), because their airways are about the size of a human newborn's. These kittens are euthanized afterward; I think it's considered inhumane to re-use them. Slithy (who was nameless at that time) was supposed to be part of a Pediatric Advanced Life Support class, but the class was under-subscribed, and there were a few kittens leftover. The techs who assisted in the course tried to adopt the extra kittens out. My last cat, Sheridan, had died about a year before at 18 years of age, so I took one of the kittens, who became Slithy Tove, a name I always liked.

Slithy has always been a rather odd duck. He's very gentle, but pathologically shy. It probably comes of having been a laboratory cat, and raised in a cage, without much human, or feline, contact during his early life. He doesn't like being petted, I hypothesize because his early experiences with human hands were ungentle, largely having to do with being transferred from cage to cage, and being given injections. He likes feet, and right now is curled up at mine, as he usually is when I'm on the PC. I had misgivings as to how he'd treat the new female kitten, Tagalong, when she appeared two years ago: he was a middle-aged bachelor, about ten years old, and rather set in his ways at that time. I was pleasantly surprised when they got along splendidly.

So, I worry about Slithy, and wonder how much longer he'll be with me. I've known cats who were put on dialysis when their renal function got too bad, but I dunno if that's really a wise idea for a cat. I expect I'll have to make that decision eventually.

Oh, the cat piss? Slithy managed to wet his carrier in the car on the way home. It got all over the car seat, and he was in the house before I realized what had happened, and so he ran all over the house with it. Damn, it's pungent.


meaning: institute
byouin == hospital
daigakuin == graduate school
Left radical means 'hill/mound/embankment', and originally represented a terraced slope.. The right radical means 'complete'. Henshall suggests this mnemonic  'Institute complete with surrounding hills'.


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