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Fu bunnies

FU Bunnies, legendary celestial guardians of the ER, traditionally signifying fortune, health, and good luck. But there's something disturbingly autumnal about these bunnies, isn't there? It's the brooms, and the scarecrow-like appearance, with straw hands and all. I think someone's mixing up the symbols of Halloween and Easter. Oops.

Never. (Well, after a fashion, Never.)

tano(mu), tano(moshii), tayo(ru)
meaning: request, reply
tanomi == favor, trust
shinrai == trust
Right radical is 'head', but was originally a combination of 'sword/cut' (top part), and 'shell/money'. Left radical is 'bundle'. Henshall suggests remembering this kanji by: 'Rely on head to request a bundle'.
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