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Flo control

THIS is so cute: Flo Control. And practical, as well!

Found on Daypop Top 40

[12:30 Oops. Also on Slashdot. Sorry.]

meaning: you/honorific for young males (...and sometimes females), lord
kimi == you (familiar)
Yamada-kun == (young) Mr. Yamada
Upper radical is another variant of 'hand holding stick/strike', bottom is 'mouth'. I.e., originally meant to 'govern by mouth', or to give commands. Once a very polite form of address, now informal. Henshall suggests remembering this kanji by: 'Lord holds stick next to mouth'.


Touga, meeting Utena for the first time, asks her name: "Kimi— namae wa?" ("You— [what is] your name?") "Tenjou Utena," she replies. As an upperclassman, to say nothing of being the student council president, Touga is allowed to be casual/familiar with her, even though he doesn't know her.

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