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The American Popular Song

I'VE been listening to the 'Top 20' music videos on VH1.

Pop. Poppoppoppoppoppoppoppoppoppoppoppoppoppoppoppoppoppoppoppoppop.

Girls in bikinis on surfboards. Pop. Girls dancing in clubs. Pop. Girls riding in cars. Poppoppoppoppop. Mick Jagger post-face lift. (or with some heavy-duty post-production video editing—where his jowls go?!?) Guy having sex with a girl in the women's restroom. Poppoppop.

None of the music has any heft to it. It all sounds like the same song to me. (And for the matter, all the girls look like the same girl. She's a nice looking girl, but don't they have more than one?)

Is it just me, or does American pop music currently suck lab rats?

Oh, and try ModifyMe to create your own electronica. Requires Flash and a sound card. I find the controls confusing, but it's fun just to sit and play with this thing.

Via Memepool.

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