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Arrested Development; back-translated from Chinese. I'm awed. I blame Google Language Tools.

Also: I received an email from my ISP, Verizon, stating that my TOS had changed, please review your new TOS, valued customer. So I did. Everything was as expected until I started working my way through 'Acceptable Use Policy', and came across this:
3. You may NOT use the Service as follows: ...

(g) to post information on newsgroups which is not in the topic area or charter (e.g. off-topic posting) of the newsgroup;
Verizon is going to police off-topic posting on Usenet? Good luck, guys.

Then I came to:
(q) to post that Superman would win a fight with Goku, or vice versa; ... (t) to crosspost recipes for roast cat to rec.pets.cats,, and alt.activism.vegan;
Now, see, that's much more reasonable. I feel better.
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